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Packaging Textiles
Packaging textiles include all textile packing material for industrial, agricultural and other goods. The demand for packing material is directly proportional to economic growth, industrial production and trade as goods are produced and then distributed both locally and internationally. The growing (environmental) need for reusable packages and containers is opening new opportunities for textile products in this market.

Sacks and bags made of traditional jute, cotton or natural fiber are gradually casting way for modern synthetic fibers. These technical textiles, used in packaging and subsequent transportation are called “PACKTECH.”

It is well known that these fabrics are ideal for many kinds of packaging. At one end, PACKTECH includes heavyweight, dense woven fabrics (used for bags, sacks, flexible intermediate bulk carriers and wrappings for textile bales and carpets) and on the other end, it includes lightweight non wovens used as durable papers, tea bags and other food and industrial product wrappings.

The use of textile materials in consumer packaging is exhibited in the following products:

Protective Textiles
Defense/Civil Defense are industries which rely heavily on technology. Apart from hi-tech weaponry and ammunitions, the induction of technical textiles in this sector has revolutionized the concept of security. It is the new range of chemicals and fabrics being used by the armed forces that has redefined safety parameters for the military. From specialized clothing to hi-tech accessories, technical textiles have made it big in the defense sector.

Not only defense but the protective clothing covers garments and accessories intended to protect people from dangerous or hazardous materials and processes during the course of their work or leisure activities. These textiles enhance performance by ensuring wind or water proofing, flame retardancy, breathability, lightness etc. in clothing used by firemen, Para-military forces & security forces. The major applications of technical textiles in this field are:

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