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Business Co-Ordination House

Business Co-Ordination House
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Business Co-Ordination House

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BCH, Business Co-ordination House is a common platform created with the primary objective of giving a boost to the nascent technical textile industry in India and at the same time promoting the interests of its members by acting as a one place forum for all industry clients and companions.

BCH co-ordinates the activities of its members and provides business promotion and expansion opportunities by integrating and exhibiting all the applications of technical textiles under one roof and providing relevant support services to all the members.

Membership is invited in four segments:

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Corporate Membership
Scope of Services
  • Showcasing member’s products in the showroom
    BCH has a 365 day showroom in India for technical textiles. A showcase, which is first of its kind in the industry, facilitates the display of products of corporate members under various applications and informs the visitors about the member's company, product range and their scope of activities.
  • Forwarding sales enquiries
    BCH undertakes the task of collating & forwarding relevant business enquiries to respective members
  • Constant promotion of members to prospective partners
    BCH promotes its members on a constant basis to prospective partners
  • Web based promotion with direct link to member’s site
    The BCH website has a direct link to the member's site
  • Potential market information
    • Information about emerging potential markets with special focus on India
    • Statistical information which will facilitate future planning and investment
  • Database solutions
    A complete need based database of channel partners, associates and vendors in India and overseas will be provided
  • Industry promotion and events participation
    BCH would be promoted through articles and news in trade journals and industry magazines and participate in events to make its members visible in the industry
  • Newsletter subscription
    A bulletin of events and happenings in the technical textile industry will be provided to all the corporate members of BCH
  • Industry specific news
    Latest trends in the industry and news pertaining to specific application Areas would be provided through BCH
  • Library
    Dedicated Library with a wide range of books, ministry reports and literature-related to technical textiles is available in the showroom
  • Networking in India
    BCH networks with the various stakeholders of this industry, the Government, media and institutions and channelises the member companies to correspond with them for mutual advantage.
  • All ‘value added services’ available at discounted rates
This membership is open to all the organizations engaged in technical textiles.

Value Added Services
  • Exclusivity
    • Shop in Shop
      • Exclusive space for product display in our showroom
      • Member information
      • Branding and Image Promotion
  • Infrastructure
    • Back - end operations
      • Exclusive office space with well equipped facilities
      Warehousing as per member's requirement
  • Visibility
    • Event/Exposition/Seminar participation
      • Register, plan and execute the activity on member's behalf
      Customized Brand Promotion through different Media
  • Support services
    • Arranging buyer seller interlace
      • Space and facilities to hold sales meet & presentations
      Advisory panel and consultancy services with customized solutions
      • BCH has rich industry experience to guide members as per their needs
      R&D projects and expert services with technical know how
  • Business Promotion
    • Newsletter and web based advertising with special discounts for members
    • Tie-ups and alliances with Indian entrepreneurs
    • Arranging channel partners
These services attract service charges and tax as per the scope of the service.

Individual Membership
Scope of Services
  • Opportunity to write in the newsletter
    BCH provides an opportunity to write enriching articles on technical textiles in its publication TechTex India
  • Research and development contributions |
    BCH aims at two-way communication and henceforth welcomes its members to give their worthy contribution in terms of research and development and other valuable data
  • Career opportunities and consultancy
    BCH provides career consultancy with opportunities for students to earn while they learn and also facilitates advisory on new business ventures
  • Event participation discounts
    BCH facilitates participation in events at discounted rates to all its members
  • Newsletter subscription
    A bulletin of events and happenings in the technical textile industry will be provided to all the members of BCH
  • Academic assignments
    BCH undertakes trainings and internships thus providing an opportunity to its members to gain experience and also earn while they learn
  • Opportunity for freelance paid assignments by companies
    BCH forwards the information-gathering task from companies in the form of paid assignments to its individual members thus enabling them to explore and affectively utilize their research skills
  • Invitation to seminars and expositions
    BCH informs and invites all its members for various seminars and expositions of technical textiles taking place in India as well as abroad
This membership is open to all individual academicians & students.

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